Inetframe Technologies.

Digitization remains pivotal to a company’s vision for long-term growth. In practice, companies typically struggle to find trained talent to carry out end-to-end long-term projects – which drives costs higher and may result in implementations that are slow to scale. With this in mind, iNetFrame, founded in 2000, hopes to build an extremely close relationship with its partners and customers. Moving from traditional methods to technology can be highly beneficial to sectors including Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences, BFSI and Telecommunications. With a team of 150+ technology experts as well as the Leadership Team, iNetFrame delivers technical and functional IT engineering skills.

iNetFrame’s expertise on Application Engineering addresses these ever-rising demands placed on software solution organizations.

iNetFrame is uniquely structured to provide effective services with Quality, Time and Cost advantages. The key differentiators are:
– Products & Custom Projects developed within agreed timelines
– Excellent Technology and Project Management Skills
– Collaborative Development
– Quality Management
– Product and Project Management
– Cost Advantage

Discover are Case Studies


The client, based out of India, is focused on providing digital transformation solutions specifically for semi-urban areas to enhance the Healthcare domain

MA LeadGen

Health Insurance industry covers various mediums to scout and convert leads – website, social media and existing previous member lists.

Campus Connect

The client is deemed as an exemplary player in the Information Technology field with over 40 years of experience aiding their clients with digital projects.


To create new products and to be able to excite and delight our customers through our products and services.

Our 5-year Vision (FY2019)
Vision 1 : To increase values for our existing customers
Vision 2 : Create the launching pad for future.
Vision 3 : Be known as the company with the highest standards of Governance.
Vision 4 : Be recognized for Thought Leadership in our focused areas of technology and solutions.
Vision 5 : Be a leader in integrating Social Responsibility initiatives with core business operations.

Our mission is to be committed to innovation, our values and customer satisfaction.

iNetFrame has specialized in providing Enterprise wide Application Solutions, Managed Services, Data centric business solutions, iNetFrame Product Based solutions and Custom applications.

iNetFrame team comes with a very strong technology, process and management background. We bring the following to the table in our relationship with customers and partners.

Reduced development time using component-based development by reusing horizontal and vertical components from iNetFrame’s component repository & rich experience.
Special focus on Oracle & SAP ERP BASIS Administration, implementation and customization services
Extensive experience in combination of onsite, offsite, offshore and distributed models in project management
Specialization in internet technologies, portal solutions and custom application development
Provide e-governance solutions for Government Sector
Application and Database Migration on multiple platforms
Aggressive and proactive approach leading to fast response time
Continuous value addition
Flexible engagements and team deployment model
Concept-to-launch solution development
Comprehensive experience in defining, fine-tuning, and measuring processes based on Extreme Programming practices, SEI-CMM and ISO 9001 systems
Full commitment to the partnership
We believe that by leveraging the above strengths we deliver value and delight to our customers and partners.

Happy Clients
Successful Projects


Timely handover of projects and products
Over 500+ projects and/or products have been delivered by iNetFrame within timeframes that are beneficial for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that handover of requisites to clients is deployed smoothly so that future bottlenecks can be avoided.
Future ready with expertise in upcoming technologies
As the market for innovation evolves, so do our teams and people. With our confidence in our ability to add value to current and upcoming technologies, our clients can be assured we will always be ready.
Customer needs driven methodology
The key metric we use to measure our work is the degree to which we are achieving the vision of our clients. All processes are designed and executed with the client in mind.
Highest quality delivered
Our customers have trusted us time and time again to deliver high quality products and projects with an efficient delivery process.
Razor sharp project management
The scope of our services includes Product Incubation, Consulting, Managed Services, and Custom Engineering. This flexibility allows iNetFrame to best serve our clients. To push your vision to reality without sacrificing quality, our teams dig deep into your brief and devise a mutually agreeable plan.
Keeping costs lean
Providing competitive prices in the market to ensure that you receive what you need at the lowest price. 754Our team of experts is always looking for ways to streamline work plans and reduce redundant resources.