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About Inetframe

The need to develop software applications in aggressive timeframe is placing special demands on software organizations to respond to the market. Added to this, the frequent changing technology platforms and mastering these add to the challenges of an organization.



Business practices could be revolutionized by blockchain-based technology. The iNetFrame platform offers a wide range of services to help companies adopt, integrate, and implement blockchain networks.

We have capability in HyperLedger and adjacent blockchain technologies to help amplify the impact in the Healthcare, BFSI and Government and Public sectors.

Read more about our Blockchain implementation in our case studies.


Through enabling cloud adoption for your organization, you will be able to be more responsive and agile as your market changes, ensuring the right decisions are made and you’ll maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

iNetFrame has delivered projects in Healthcare, Insurance and BFSI leveraging our capabilities in Oracle OCS, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Read more about our Cloud implementation in our case studies.

BI & Analytics

Develop insight-driven business practices. Manage your data easily with self-service analytics. Explore your data to uncover valuable insights. Everyone in your organization can access insights. Enforce informed decision making in your day-to-day operations with BI and analytics.

Our focus is using our capabilities of Power BI and Tableau in Healthcare, BFSI and Retail sectors.

Read more about our BI & Analytics implementation in our case studies.

Our Case Studies


The client, based out of India, is focused on providing digital transformation solutions specifically for semi-urban areas to enhance the Healthcare domain

MA LeadGen

Health Insurance industry covers various mediums to scout and convert leads – website, social media and existing previous member lists.

Campus Connect

The client is deemed as an exemplary player in the Information Technology field with over 40 years of experience aiding their clients with digital projects.

Services We Provide


We are Passionate & Friendly People

We Give Value for Money

We Are Known for Excellent Customer Support

We Work with the Best

Honesty and Integrity


We Are Passionate & Friendly People
We have been part of our customer success stories for the past 18+ years. In order to provide our customers with future-proof solutions, we have adopted emerging technologies.
We Give Value for Money
Communication and transparency are important to us. Because our work is customised, we don’t have to sell you something you don’t need; you only pay for what you require.
We are Known for Excellent Customer Support
We provide industry-leading application life cycle management services, including operations and enhancements. Customer advocacy is provided by our staff to guarantee that your demands are addressed.
We Work with the Best
Our long-standing relationship with Fortune 500 clients has provided us with a unique chance to recruit top people. For the last 8 years, we’ve been servicing 10+ customers, and for the previous 5 years, we’ve been serving another 15 customers. Our product incubation experience has enabled us to provide industry-leading solutions to start-ups and new ventures.
Honesty and Integrity
Industry best practises in corporate ethics, information security, and data privacy have been embraced. Each project is carefully curates, executed and delivered.