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iNetFrame is providing category-defining innovation for it’s customers in Insurance and Healthcare. iNetFrame pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with database engineering, BI & Analytics solutions combined with deep expertise in Industries we serve. This has enabled us to be one of the fast growing companies in the North American market. Today, some of the top 50 insurance and healthcare firms in North America are engaging iNetFrame to overcome data silos and unlock business value of their data, manage data as an asset across the enterprise and facilitate connected decision making.
Our vision is to create a launchpad for the future and provide our clients with state-of-the-art services helping them catapult their business trajectory.
Smarter Approach to Business
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Improve Sales Cycle Efficiency
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Empower Sales Teams with
Accurate Insights
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Leverage and Stay Ahead of
the Game Mindset
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Why Choose iNetFrame Technologies?

We Are Passionate & Friendly People

Over 500+ projects and/or products have been delivered by iNetFrame within timeframes that are beneficial for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that handover of requisites to clients is deployed smoothly so that future bottlenecks can be avoided.

We Give Value for Money

As the market for innovation evolves, so do our teams and people. With our confidence in our ability to add value to current and upcoming technologies, our clients can be assured we will always be ready.

We are Known for Excellent Customer Support

Our customers have trusted us time and time again to deliver high quality products and projects with an efficient delivery process. We are looked upon as preferred partners to numerous Fortune 500 companies!

Honesty and Integrity

Industry best practises in corporate ethics, information security, and data privacy have been embraced. Each project is carefully curates, executed and delivered.


Our Experience

Supporting Clients Digital Transformation Journeys

Delivering End-to-End Client Requirements

Bringing Our Best Global Talent to the Table

Our Mission

The fabric of every activity and member at iNetFrame Technologies lies in ensuring standardization to our mission of providing clients with

Our History

We are leaders in digital innovation for the past 22 years we are enabling our clients to enhance their revenue and compete with new age competitors.

Started serving our clients with bespoke ERP and CRM solutions to evolve into offering customizes solutions to Pharma, Aviation and Banking clients.


Moved into building capability around the needs of the Learning & Development sector


Worked extensively with clients on mobile applications, BI, Analytics and Web Applications


Developed and delivered expertise in Block Chain solutions and Web Applications

Specialized in Cloud Applications, AI, Database Engineering and Digital Innovation
Old economy companies rely heavily on traditional revenue models that are tried and tested and they are burdened with legacy of IT infrastructure and established ways of working with customers.
In the Gig economy, new age companies who are well funded are coming in and disrupting the status quo as they are adopting new thought process which is aligned to the new Digital infrastructure enabled by OTT and social media and have evolved and adopted new business models.

We are proud enablers of our customers in this journey