Empower your customer support teams to get to know your customers’ sentiments by analyzing their feedback.

iCX is redefining customer support engagement

Cloud Data Transformation
NLP At Its Core

iCX is built with NLP ensuring support conversations are effectively converted to actionable insights.

Business Transformation with Cloud
Easy to Deploy

Deploy easily with existing processes with custom built riles based on business requirements.

Facing the Market
Resolve Queries Quicker

Customer trends and previous interactions can be used by the support team to make suggestions and solutions.

What Do You Get from iCX?

Measure Emotional Intelligence

Interaction analysis via passive channels like email and chat transcripts reveals how the customer is feeling at the moment.

Rule-Based Management

Create business rules for taking automated ticket actions based on time lapses or events.

Leverage Heat Maps

Agents can use the heat map to identify the next best ticket based on factors like status, SLA, priority, and customer's emotional state.

Customer Categorisation

Easily categorise customers based on their support experiences to reduce churn.

Customer Positivity Index

Using an overall positivity index, determine a customer's overall perception of the customer support desk.

Actionable Insights

Leverage user-friendly dashboards to monitor and review overall customer support perception.

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