Next generation AI platform providing personalized journeys for employee training.
intelligent augmented learning

iAL brings your employees in-demand skills

Cloud Data Transformation
High ROI Upskilling

The flipped model of learning combines adaptive technologies with expert training sessions to ensure higher ROI.

Business Transformation with Cloud
Hands On Learning

Week-over-week milestone based module disbursement mapped with relevant assignments and workshops.

Facing the Market
Technology Driven Results

Learning driven by next generation technologies and necessary human intervention for best results.

What Do You Get from iAL?

Flipped Model of Learning

Expert trainers combine experience-based learning objectives and digital delivery of courses.

AI Based Proctoring

Offers proctored evaluations capable of detecting unauthorized people and objects while consuming low bandwidth.

AI-Driven Reports

Monitor learner's progress and gaps with big data analytics based reports and corrective actions.


Integrated with NLP driven chatbots capable of identification and escalation of learner's doubts and clarifications.

Real Time Actionable Feedback

Employee accomplishments are tracked throughout the course and corrections are offered in real time.

Personalised Learning Journey

Unique learning experiences tailored to each learner’s interests and retention patterns with AI recommendations.

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