How does one turn a brilliant idea into a viable business? Starting off into a highly competitive market can be one of the biggest challenges. The decisive key factors on which a successful venture depends on are entrepreneurs, investors, and key partners. For many entrepreneurs and startups in the Technology Space, it has been found to be

beneficial to be part of something larger as it helps them get a quick and smooth launch to a higher level.

We at iNetFrame Technologies can provide you with the right guidance and expertise to turn your idea into a workable and profitable feasible business.

Our highly experienced team has the required expertise and experience to provide comprehensive product incubation services in terms of technical capabilities that will help in accelerating the product development process.

We follow a streamlined process to give shape to your idea. The key steps in our process include:

  • Product Prototyping

    We understand the client’s requirement in detail and provide a working prototype of the product.

  • Build an MVP

    Keeping in mind the various requirement and challenges of the client, our team of developers create a minimum viable product to demonstrate to the client.

  • Methodology

    Depending on the feedback and client requirements, we zero down on the methodology (Agile/Scrum/etc.) on how the development of the product will be carried out.

  • Data Security

    We have several confidentiality agreements and data security policies in place which ensure that your data is safe. We take the IP protection law seriously and ensure that all the project details are protected from any external interference.

  • Engagement Models

    We have highly flexible engagement models in place at iNetFrame which will consider the current requirements of the client and provide highly customized services.

  • Expertise

    Our team at iNetFrame has the required skills and expertise to provide our clients with best-in-industry services, be it enterprise grade or any B2C project.

  • Advocacy Services

    We constantly work towards providing better services in terms of fixing bugs, fixing documentation, and offering feedback on new features

Duration: Depending on the customers need
Domain: Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences, BFSI, Telecommunications

Operation Services

a. Hiring
b. Training
c. IT Setup
d. Infrastructure

Quality Assurane

a. Quality Testing
b. Manual Testing
c. Automation Testing

Product Construction

a. Requirement Analysis/Use case Design
b. Software Design
c. Software Architecture
d. Knowledge Transition

Product Engineering

a. Software Development
b. Build Management
c. Documentation
d. Release Management
e. Implementation
f. Project Management
g. Launch Support
h. Maintenance and Support

Why Choose Our Product Incubation Services?

  • Highly experienced team of software developers, mentors, and designers
  • Fewer mundane tasks and greater product development
  • Reduced time-to-product and enhanced client satisfaction
  • Highly innovative services at cost-effective prices
  • ISO certified processes which ensure best-in-class services
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class office spaces
  • Access to the latest and best software tools and technologies
  • Guaranteed data security through confidentiality agreements and SLAs
  • Scalable solutions to cater to increasing business requirements
  • Gain a competitive edge over others in the industry

iNetFrame – Where Your Ideas Become Products
iNetFrame Technologies has been a leading business incubator and digital strategy consulting firm to clients from various backgrounds and domains. Having been in the industry for almost two decades now, we have gained the expertise to guide, mentor, and show the right direction to entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world with their ideas. We can be the right platform and be a launchpad to your business and help it to reach new heights. Get in touch with us today!