AI-Powered Insurance Lead Acquisition and Retention Platform


iLead can organize and track all leads in one place

Cloud Data Transformation
Tackle Churn Rates

View AI generated scores for each customer to drive personalised actions for a better experience.

Business Transformation with Cloud
Streamline & Automate Data

Ingest data from multiple sources (website, data warehouses, social media) and manage the entire sales lifecycle.

Facing the Market
Make Informed Decisions

Leverage the AI-powered recommendation engine to make lead acquisition and retention strategies.

What Do You Get from iLead ?

Ingest Data

Ingest data from sources like website submissions, social media, and enterprise data warehouses.

AI Recommendation Engine

Get intelligent recommendations with a higher propensity for conversion.

Centralised Database

View all leads related information and tasks in one dashboard and reduce churn or dropouts.

Segementing Leads

Segment verified emails and direct-dial phone numbers of leads at the click of a button.

Reporting Dashboards

Get custom built reporting curated for your business metrics to see data in real-time online.

Lead Engagement

Easily manage and have confidence in the leads you are targeting from start to finish.

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