A fully integrated Healthcare Management Suite connecting Doctors, Clinics, Labs and Patients.
iSmartHealth - healthcare management suite
iSmartHealth - healthcare management suite

iSmartHealth is enabling a digital healthcare ecosystem

Cloud Data Transformation
Securely Store Your Data

Our quality control processes are simplified by the use of encryption, electronic signatures, and HIPAA compliance.

Business Transformation with Cloud
Healthcare Process Automation

Redirect costs towards better patient outcomes by digitising resource-intensive administrative processes.

Facing the Market
Real Time Access to Medical Records

Enhance clinical decision making with access to robust reporting of Health Records and patient history in real time.

What Do You Get from iSmartHealth?

Access to Medical Records

Document and access your patient's comprehensive medical history via the application in real time.

Integrated Billing

Make use integrated features of multiple price lists, a powerful bill designer and remote payment options.

Cross-Calendar Integration

Book, Cancel, Reschedule, Refer and Track appointments with super-specialty doctors and labs in one place.

Pre-Built Templates

Take advantage of our pre-built Departments, Tests and Reporting Templates and spend time on better patient care.

Role Based Access

Manage access to sensitive information such as billing, medical reports, calendars and pricing lists.

Friendly UI/UX

Take better decisions and act more quickly by consuming critical information from an intuitive dashboard to save valuable time.

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