Client Overview

The client, based out of India, is focused on providing digital transformation solutions specifically for semi-urban areas to enhance the Healthcare domain in the Asia-Pacific region. They approached iNetFrame to incubate their product – “iSmartHealth”


Problem Statement

75% of healthcare infrastructure is concentrated in Urban India with less than 25% of the total population residing in it. Patients and Doctors struggle to maintain historical medical records and use them for future purposes. The logistics of digitising healthcare can be expensive in rural areas. There is a need for a low-cost high value IT solution that can provide a holistic experience including friendly interface, training, support and low inhouse costs.


Objectives of iSmartHealth

iSmartHealth, to bridge the gap in the healthcare experience provided in semi-urban areas using Digital Transformation, focuses on the following objectives –

Robust and secure solution for healthcare needs in semi-urban areas

Digitization of manual processes – appointments, status of care, communication

Access to medical records online at the click of a button

iNetFrame Implementation

To give life to this innovative product we brought our architects to assist our client to achieve their vision

Solution Validation

  • Designing architecture of a fully integrated digital healthcare suite
  • Building prototypes to ensure that all the specifications of stakeholders

MVP Development

  • Developing a web application with separate modules for Doctors, Laboratories and Patients within the healthcare suite.
  • Automating traditional processes by digitizing prescription filling, uploading every patient record, SKU library, availability status, appointment booking, referrals and test report and billing templates.
  • Automatic notification to Patient and Doctors about e-reports. Reports and invoices can be viewed directly on the web application.
  • Flexible patient search and selection

Platform and Tech Involved

iNetFrame leveraged the following platforms to deliver an innovative solution –

Linus (OS)





Making it easier for doctors to help patients

  • Doctors can access and maintained health records in a secure manner
  • Simultaneous viewing of reports and booking follow up appointments with patients.
  • Improving care by referring patients for preventive health packages online
  • Advanced calendar and notification management to assist patients effectively.

Streamlined laboratory workflows

  • Streamlined patient queues for efficient patient management
  • Dashboards and historical views of patient data
  • Approving and providing reports approved by Pathologists at the shortest time.
  • Online billing and calendar reminders to make day-to-day operations faster and cheaper.

Empowering patients

  • Booking appointments and accessing medical records such as reports, prescriptions and invoices online.
  • Automatic sharing of reports with doctors for ease of follow up without waiting time
  • Receiving notifications about the report and appointment status